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Demanding Justice and Compensation for Victims delivers vetted cases to your legal practice.

Our promise to you: a victim of medical malpractice, a litigation savvy medical expert and the detailed report outlining standard of care deviation and the merits of your future case.

Your opportunity to review the case and expert report before spending your precious time and resources on a medical malpractice case.

Benefits of Membership:

We guarantee you the highest percentage of qualified claimants, connecting you directly with victims of healthcare malpractice and negligence. Our service will not favor one well known attorney over another. Equal access to excellent cases pre-screened by you before committing to representation.

Selecting your medical expert is tedious and often limited to a C.V. and phone call. Our experts practice specialty medicine, are credentialed and critically, you have the opportunity to review their work product before you accept a case.

We eliminate the high cost of marketing your practice, costs for multiple subscription services, screening unworthy cases or paying outrageous fees for expert reviews on cases without merit or findings of malpractice. Every case you accept as a member of has established negligence and deviations from accepted standards of medical care.
Medical malpractice

Attorney's holding the medical system accountable for mistakes

With over 90% of cases settling in favor of the client, there is no better referral system to your practice for highly rewarding healthcare malpractice cases.

American’s deserve competent and skilled attorneys to enforce quality healthcare standards through the court system and pursue justice on the victim’s behalf.

Join this community of Healthcare and Legal experts to ensure accountability within the Healthcare System.
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For a nominal annual fee of $350 our administrative team will be in contact with your office and collect some key demographics information about you and your practice. Every case that passes our expert's review and demonstrates evidence of deviations in standards of care in your state(s) of practice shall be forwarded for consideration. You review and decide if the case is right for your practice. Come join our professional team.

We are the most cost effective expert database for nationally awarded healthcare providers and we shall match several experts to any case YOU submit for an expert review.

We have vetted the experts as well so the quality of your medical consultant is outstanding with clear and succinct explanations about your case in preparation to file your claim.
The great American justice system
Clear explaination of the medical facts by our experts

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