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What is

This web platform provides you the opportunity to vent your anger and worry by describing in detail the tragedy you experienced at the hands of the healthcare system. You receive a thorough analysis of your complaint and your medical records by experts dedicated to uncovering evidence of malpractice and negligence. We explain everything to you and together expose the truth about your care. Our experts quickly create the vital detailed report outlining evidence of malpractice and negligence that will attract lawyers to your case. Our goals include answering “why were mistakes made,” while securing compensation for victims of medical malpractice.

Our mission is to help you.

Our team is your advocate for answers, comfort and representation in a harsh and unforgiving system that disregards victims and refuses to hold medical professionals accountable for their mistakes. A detailed record with an expert’s opinion about your care is gold in the hands of a skilled attorney. They are all here, delivered in the comfort of your own home.

Healthcare malpractice is pervasive and rampant in our society. Standards of care are violated daily, from prescription errors and incorrect medications, to hospital, doctor, and nursing negligence in the care recommended and received.

Who are we:

This website is your portal to access trusted medical and legal professionals. We are passionate and dedicated, demanding that all medical providers practice excellence and remain committed to the ideals of the Hippocratic Oath. We are the national watchdog group listening to your complaints and experiences where negligence and mistakes caused you pain, suffering or worse. As your team of board certified physicians and allied medical experts, we perform quality assurance and investigation of healthcare errors. We demand competence, compassion and superior outcomes for every patient. When carelessness and malpractice are discovered in your care, we are the guardians who navigate skilled attorneys through your medical case, advocating for justice, victims’ rights and deserved financial compensation.