Case Study

Woman's Cancer is seen on X-ray and ignored.... it proves fatal

Dying to be heard

Fatal Cancer Goes Untreated Despite Suspicious CT Scan

This case involves a female patient who presented to a hospital ER with difficulty breathing. Her condition stabilized after she was placed on several medications, however the patient later developed severe abdominal pain. As part of the evaluation of her status, a CT scan of the abdomen was ordered. The CT scan showed a suspicious mass in the patient’s abdomen. The radiologist communicated this finding to the defendant doctor immediately, however the defendant did not initiate any follow up. After several months, the patient presented to the hospital with continuing abdominal pain. A CT scan of the abdomen performed at the ER revealed several urological problems. The pathology report revealed the presence of aggressive cancer, and the patient was admitted for surgery shortly thereafter. Chemotherapy was recommended and the patient was discharged home in stable condition. The patient later presented to the hospital with increasing pain. A CT scan revealed extensive metastases in one of the patient’s major organs. She was discharged home and treating physicians recommended palliative therapy. She died several weeks later.

The missed diagnosis resulted in a lawsuit that settled for the poor woman's family for 1.5mm dollars.

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