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October 18, 2015

I knew I had a malpractice case but I live in a town of 70 thousand and the lawyers and doctors all know each other. The one hospital in the town is protected and no one can afford to pay a lawyer 5-10 thousand dollars just to answer the question, "Was malpractice done and do I have the right to file a lawsuit?" I am only 40 and had an artificial disc put into my back through my belly. The pain never got better and when I returned to my Ortho surgeon he just shrugged his shoulders and said "lots of people do not get better." Then I started reading about all the unneeded spine surgery done in the country. I talked to a few lawyers in and out of town that advertised "No money unless you win", but they only said my case was not bad enough that they would pay to have an expert review my medical records and x-rays and tell me if I should even have had surgery. They wanted a 10 thousand dollar retainer just to look at the case.

I found on line when searching and they saved me. I submitted my story, then my records and within a few weeks had an expert Neurosurgeon's report that detailed why I WAS NOT a candidate for the surgery I had. Then, they contacted the lawyer for me with the report and the lawyer immediately called. I didn't pay the lawyer a dime!

I live in a state that has a panel that you go to when filing a lawsuit and with the experts report from, the panel voted against the orthopedic surgeon. Since my lawyer threatened healthcare fraud as well, the surgeon's insurance company quickly paid 250 thousand dollars to me to settle the claim. I have WWW.HEALTHCARE-MALPRACTICE.COM to thank for all of this.
You guys are the best!

Zach P

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