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The benefits of membership

As a member, you receive much more than a billboard and location for your C.V. on some random database website.

Our commitment to you:
1. CASES: Guaranteed cases for reviews and income for your work.

2. REIMBURSEMENT: Guaranteed attorney compensation for your consultation on cases you identify showing negligence and deviations in standards of care OR supporting a defense position.

3. FEEDBACK: Access to the Healthcare-malpractice blog, a high volume readership location encouraging your comments and opinions. Frequent contributors will see their social media and search positions organically achieve top ranking on the major search engines.

5. SKILLS: Weekly member newsletter with key reading and instruction compiled from numerous costly courses and our own seasoned litigators necessary to improve your skills in deposition and trial testimony.

6. HELP FOR YOU: When you need defense assistance on your own liability exposure from practice. Assistance is available for hospital Q/A challenges, medical board inquires and malpractice claims. The access to our defense experts is invaluable.

Come join our network of expert witness consultants. Contribute to insuring quality healthcare, eliminating frivolous complaints and lucrative consulting on justifiable claims for litigation.
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Getting paid for your expert witness consultation

There are over 50,000 self designated "medical experts" in the USA alone. Expert witness databases cost consultants $500 or more to join, paying progressively higher fees attempting to 'stand out' above your colleagues. The competition for consultant expert witness includes both academic and highly experienced private practitioners.

Lawyers often call and ask to interview you as a potential expert witness, gaining what knowledge you have and never following through to hire you, never paying for your time and effort. Cases from brokerage services commonly charge you 20% of your fees. All of these scenarios require the defense or plaintiff counsel to choose YOU from hundreds of CVs, from one of the dozens of expert witness databases available. The opportunity to be an expert witness, hired by an attorney is rare.

At we receive over 1000 patient complaints each month and provide them for your detailed records review. Much like a worker's comp. case review, our member experts are paid for a peer to peer level chart analysis for potential violations in quality care standards. Attorneys accept the case based upon your written review, and are contractually obligated to hire you as an expert case consultant.

Stop waiting for attorneys to call you. You are now in control of the case providing counsel to either plaintiff or defense. Often just informing the patient filing the complaint that care was appropriate is enough to prevent frivolous claims against innocent healthcare providers. Your work is invaluable.
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For a nominal annual fee of $350 our administrative team will be in contact with your office and collect some key demographics information about you and your practice. We create and upload your CV into our database and access it for any case needing your expertise for review.

Every case that passes our expert's review and demonstrates evidence of deviations in standards of care are forwarded to legal counsel for consideration. Your compensation begins with your review and is quite lucrative when counsel hires you as the expert witness for the case.

Come join our healthcare professional team.
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