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Medical Malpractice.

We at understand the anguish providers experience when a claim is filed against them. Patients and families require explanation, empathy and a safe healthcare system. When complications occur, the legal system demands accountability.

We remain vigilant and demand excellence in patient care. Your participation is critical to ensuring quality within our healthcare systems. Apply your expertise here with peer review assessment of medical care. Determine the fundamental question of negligence or unfortunate complication.

Our method is unique. Objective healthcare experts including physicians, nurses, administrators and allied healthcare professionals address patient concerns before lawyers get involved. Working with our website returns control and quality assurance to healthcare providers and secures your expertise in consultation should litigation be truly indicated.

As part of our expert healthcare team we guarantee you cases to review, reimbursement for your efforts and satisfaction that you are striving for reform and control over the medical profession. In addition, as an expert you gain the satisfaction knowing you are assisting patients and families to emerge from victimization while obtaining closure.

Our mission:

COMPASSIONATE WATCHDOG GROUP is the only Institution that addresses patient complaints regarding the care they received by applying objective peer to peer critique of each case to determine the validity of a complaint. We educate and will apologize for our colleagues if that brings closure to a conflict. We will honestly expose errors and omissions in care and establish ourselves as the advocates for justice. We claim guardianship and enforce the practice of competent healthcare in our society.

A case is referred to counsel after detailed medical records review demonstrates a claim is justified. Our healthcare providers are then established as the expert medical consultant on the case.

Our Process:

Your Time is Precious and Valuable:

Your expertise is requested. A few moments each week will be invaluable for your colleagues if they need defense help on frivolous cases or prove critical for a victim of medical negligence desperate to find answers.

Our solution guarantees you cases:

Frustrated by the tens of thousands of dollars your peers make each year as “experts” for healthcare malpractice cases, working for the defense as well as the plaintiff? Are you spending thousands each year to join the dozens of expert databases but never receive a call or follow through from an attorney? Are you tired of broker solicitation who wants 20% of your fee schedule just to introduce you as an expert? Are you worried that your own experience with medical malpractice or medical board issues will keep you from revenue as a medical expert case consultant? If you are committed to review cases at a peer to peer level and will detail questionable or substandard care, please join our network.

We are your ambassador to the specialty of Medical-legal Expert consultant and witness compensation.

Join our team:

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You have committed your life to quality medical care with years of education, dedicating thousands of hours and decades of work to ensure the best patient care you can deliver. You’re frustrated with frivolous claims against health care providers. You want to influence the medical legal system and preserve provider autonomy. You have compassion and the desire to critically analyze quality of care issues by healthcare providers and medical institutions.

Healthcare continuously receives applications for medical, dental, allied health and chiropractic providers; pharmaceutical providers and healthcare administrators. If you are a healthcare provider or in the healthcare industry and is dedicated to peer review, desiring an additional healthy income as an expert medical consultant, please join our community.

The patient needs your expertise!
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