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An expert performing critical care review: what the attorney needs to hire you

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John Schneider MD
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Comp Case Review Details
Honor Schoech
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9:53 AM
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Dear John,

Thanks so much for your interest in serving as a medical case reviewer for MediPro Solutions LLC. By performing comprehensive case reviews for our attorney client, you will be providing them with an invaluable service. You will also be able to nicely supplement your income from you couch! And I think the work is very interesting and enjoyable.

Attorneys will be choosing a comprehensive case review for their cases for several reasons. The main reason is cost. It basically allows them to know up front how much it is going to cost for a licensed and board certified physician to review their case. This is important when the attorney’s clients are paying for the service out of their own pocket.

But it also is a really good place for the attorneys to start. I usually recommend this option in the following circumstances.

1) They have a new case that has not yet been reviewed by a medical expert.

2) They don’t know if their case has merit.

3) They don’t understand the medical concepts or information provided in the medical records.

4) They think they need a testifying medical expert but aren’t sure what type of a physician they need.

5) They need guidance in terms of strategy.
following information via oral report.

1) Comprehensive medical record analysis and interpretation.
2) Evaluation of a case for merit.
3) Identification of missing records, labs or other information (if indicated).
4) Identification of problems or issues that may arise with opposing counsel.
5) All of the above provided in your written report.
6) Counsel who represents the clients based upon your report will be paying you as a consultant and if you both agree, the expert for deposition and trial, which is very lucrative

If you perform a comprehensive case review, you are not required to be available for testimony if applicable, so this type of consulting is ideal if you wish to limit your activity to medical legal consulting and not testifying.

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