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Tragedies of our medical system—Are you a victim?

Every year over 300,000 lives are lost from medical errors and negligence. Hundreds of thousands more patients are victims who are crippled and suffer from wrong diagnosis, lack of treatment, medication mistakes, surgical errors, unnecessary surgery and healthcare fraud.

Medical malpractice robs patients of precious dignity and time, causing pain and suffering. You are abandoned by the system, lost and angry with no one to explain “why me and how could this happen?”

Billions in taxes and fees are spent on healthcare but negligence is a spreading cancer. Regulation is broken. Distrust in the system is justified. Anger is your critical vital sign. We are the solution at

Our mission:

Medical malpractice deprives victims

… of precious dignity and time, creating pain and suffering for patients, their families and society. Victims are abandoned by the system, lost in their depression and never relieved of their anger.

Most victims never uncover the truth on their own. Some first turn to a lawyer, but attorneys reject up to 98% of potential malpractice cases, concentrating on obvious big dollar payouts. The system will do little to ease your pain or answer your medical questions. Our team always will. We shatter the self-protection “code of silence” where hospitals and providers refuse to acknowledge, inform or admit mistakes and your concerns are rejected in a conspiracy to cover up negligence.

We are your Advocates and here to help you.

We are a team of board-certified doctors and nurses with decades of experience working in the best hospitals and universities across the country. Our experts refuse to allow medical negligence to pollute our healthcare system. Our tireless mission is to ensure the highest quality of healthcare is available to every human life and victims of malpractice are justly rewarded. We are your Advocates and here to help you.

You are angry and lost in disbelief. Who better to investigate mistakes in your treatment than medical experts sworn to serve your needs, detailing exactly what errors were made in your care. We listen, explain and demand a solution when medical negligence damaged your life. Your trust in medicine will be restored.

Our method:

Our medical experts generate the blueprints that every lawyer needs to win your case.

Tell us your story…

Describe in detail your experience and share with us your worry and concern, detailing the mistakes the healthcare system made while attending your needs. Who made the mistakes in your care and when. Were you refused care? Do you now suffer chronic pain? Did a medication sicken you? Did you lose a loved one and were told “this is a known risk” of a procedure?

We listen…

Our team of board certified medical experts apply years of knowledge and insight into every case that we examine, answering and explaining to you all issues related to your care. We reveal and detail all legitimate grounds for legal action when mistakes are discovered.

When malpractice and negligence occurred…

We secure your attorney. We know who the best malpractice attorneys are for your case. No more guessing or randomly picking a name from a web search or billboard ad. Our lawyers are competent, compassionate and highly skilled in the courtroom. They are located in your region and accept your case at no cost to you, fighting for your justice and the financial compensation you deserve.

We are doctors and nurses sworn to uphold the Hippocratic oath – “to do no harm” and expose a system that does cause harm.

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Are you a victim of malpractice?

Our team of qualified medical professionals and compassionate attorneys are ready to review your healthcare case and help you find justice.

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